Thursday, May 17, 2018


I've noticed something strange about my humor. I rarely plan out moments that make people laugh. Usually it happens in the moment, where I throw out something silly relating to what people say or see or do.
And then later, I have no idea what I actually said to make those people laugh?

Which sucks, because when I'm writing, I can never think of funny moments to add @_@

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I pulled out my old aikido textbook, and I've been reading through it.
And since I sometimes like to talk about thought processes here, I thought I'd mention this one.
It's a five-step process of self-reflection, for the spiritual aspects of aikido. The wording seems a bit dramatic, but it probably has a different feel in the original Japanese.

The five steps are:
Self Reflection, Shame, Remorse, Fear, and Enlightenment.

Self Reflection: Look at your own behavior and evaluate what you have done.

Shame: Be aware that you did something wrong.

Remorse: Look back at what brought you to this point and think what you could have done to make it better (so you can do that from now on).

Fear: Basically, "Why didn't I do this sooner? Do I have enough time to fix this?"

Enlightenment: The understanding you have gained from the previous steps.

(He's doing aikido rolls!)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Failing Flirty

During my first draft of Evva's story, I mentioned how hard the lovey stuff is for me to write. I was hoping that in my second draft I'd be able to fill it out better.
But it still feels so freaking awkward?
I just have no idea what to do for it. @__@
Although maybe it just feels awkward to me because very few romances interest me, and a lot of them feel awkward in similar ways.

(I got to spend a lot of time with giraffes today XD)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Something New

I'm thinking of starting a new story once I finish my rewrite of Evva's story.
I might do one that takes place in Yosemite, while all of that is still fresh in my mind. This story is full of huge gaps, but they usually are when I start writing them.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

First Impressions can Suck

Every now and then I'm blown away by how wrong my initial expectations were for Coco.
When I went into theaters, I knew the movie would be pretty and creative. But I didn't think I'd care about it. As I've said, I haven't loved a Pixar in eight years (since Up). And I didn't really have much faith that they'd do justice to this culture and holiday (although I thought it was awesome that they were doing something for Dia de los Muertos).

I usually try to stay away from trailers. I don't trust that they'll actually reflect the movie (I've seen some awesome trailers with lame movies, and some awesome movies with lame trailers). I only saw a couple Coco trailers before I watched the movie.
The original one:

And the second trailer I saw just felt kind of dull to me. There was something about Miguel in a big rush to return to the land of the living before he turned into a skeleton, and I felt exasperated about it (but it turns out that it was his choice to stay in the land of the dead, so that felt much better to me for some reason. I guess because it was character driven?)
Neither of the trailers had Hector in them (at least not that I remember).

When Hector was first introduced in the movie, I immediately thought, "Aah, this guy's going to be annoying." I thought he'd be some weird kinda sleazy guy that would do something to redeem himself at the end of the movie, when they found out they were family, or something.

Not at all.

Hector is weird at first. Not charming in the least, and totally suspicious. But it makes so much sense considering what he's been through and how truly desperate he is.

Now Hector is my favorite character and Coco is my favorite movie.

I get crazy about movies I like. A lot. But I've never gotten this crazy about a movie.
I was teasing with my family that I have loved many movies, but I have never been IN LOVE with a movie until now.

Also love Pepita, Imelda, and Miguel. Well, all the characters. Except the bad guy.

I love Anthony, the voice actor for Miguel. He has such a great spirit!
And Gael, Hector's voice actor, is so chill compared to Hector. Heh. The youtube comments on his interview are all like "Muy guapu!"

I watched the deleted scenes from some of their older scripts. And they seem so... dull? And dumb. If they had made the movie from that script, I wouldn't have cared about it at all. It's like an entirely different story.
I saw something similar for the original plans of Monster Inc. And it also lacked all the life and creativity of the final version. How did they change so dramatically? Well, I'm not complaining. They're both freaking amazing.

When I get into something, I must learn everything about it.
I've been watching all the special features, and reading articles about the different cultural, artistic, and historical things I've run across.

And once I've learned everything, I want to tell everyone else about all of it XP
I've been like a walking advertisement for Coco.
I feel kinda like the Disney cartoon version of the Aracuan bird. If you google the Aracuan Song, I'm sure you'll find it. Anyway, that's like me crowing about Coco.
I try to hold back when encouraging other people to stuff I love. And I do hold back. But it probably doesn't seem like it. It's like that line in Anne of Green Gables. "If you only knew how much I want to say, but don't!"
I may seem bad, but Dad is far worse about it.
I definitely got it from him though.

I'm also very easily influenced by the stuff I get hooked on. When I watch anime, I use random Japanese words/phrases. Now I'm using more random Spanish words/phrases. Although I've used those since I took Spanish in high school.
And then I get the two languages mixed up (to the point where I heard someone speak in Japanese, and I responded in Spanish).

Everyone I know who's seen Coco has loved it, or liked it. And most of the people I've seen it with have cried, even if it was their second or third viewing.
My uncle said, "The characters were dumb, but you could feel for them.
Oy! That's not fair. Although he did enjoy the movie.

I've seen people describe this movie as "a love letter to Mexico." Yeah, that seems about right.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Veggie Burger Cook-Off

Over the weekend, the zoo had a cooking event, with a guest from a cooking show on TV. His name is Bob Blumer. I got to watch part of it. It was fun, but I had to leave before it was over. I wonder if anyone got to try the veggie burgers they made.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Hoard of Shinies Appears

Okay, all of these shiny Pokémon are from that crazy ultra wormhole. Mostly from when I was trying to find that stupid Guzzlord.
I'll just blow through them, though the number of new shiny Pokemon I found this month is just ridiculous.
Most of them I gave up on finding names relevant to the day. It got kind of pointless after a while. And I think I may have forgotten the reasons behind a few of them.

(evolved Piper into a Ludicolo)
Pond: Lombre
Cecilian: Stunfisk (named for for a strange amphibian creature that we have a statue of at the zoo).
Avita: Grumpig (named for an animal at the zoo).
Barb: Drapion
Apis: Sigilyph
Selkes: Sigilyph
Tank: Crustle
Adri: Audino
Tad: Lombre (I'll probably evolve her too. I'll have a Miror B team of dancing shiny Ludicolo).
Fisk: Stunfisk
Nemma: Barbacle
Aquila: Altaria

Anemone: Stunfisk (three of them? really?)
Taffy: Quagsire

Boone: Hippowdon (named for one of our rhinos at the zoo, even though Hippowdon is a hippo).